Fryth Bookmarks - The Perfect Gift

Fryth Bookmarks - The Perfect Gift

Discover the Magic of Fryth's Bookmarks: A Dreamy Companion for Bedtime

At Fryth, we're always seeking to bring a touch of nature into everyday life.  Our latest creation, the Douglas Fir Bookmarks, combines a beautiful natural material with an uplifting quote.

Crafted with Care

Our bookmarks are handcrafted from Douglas Fir offcuts.  These offcuts, born from our commitment to sustainable craftsmanship, are transformed into simple bookmarks that carry a piece of nature's beauty within them.

Words to calm the soul

What sets these bookmarks apart is the presence of short quotes from beloved books and authors.  Life doesn't always run smoothly, but a well-timed sentence or a meaningful quote can brighten even the most challenging days.

The Perfect Gift

Our Douglas Fir Bookmarks are not just bookmarks, they are thoughtful presents for your partner, friend, parent, or child. In a world that often rushes by, these bookmarks encourage a pause, a moment of reflection.

So, if you're looking for the perfect reading companion or a thoughtful gift, explore our Douglas Fir Bookmarks.

Warm wishes from The Team at Fryth