Fryth Luna Lamp

Fryth Luna Lamp


Exciting news is about to brighten up your space — the Fryth Luna Lamp is ready to make its debut.  This table lamp not only illuminates your room but tells a story of craftsmanship and style.  We're thrilled to introduce you to the latest creation from Fryth.

Embrace Nature’s Beauty with Fryth Craftsmanship

The Fryth Luna Lamp is not your average lighting fixture.  It's base, born from the offcuts of oak or walnut, brings a touch of nature indoors.  Crafted with care and a commitment to sustainability, each lamp base is a unique piece of art.  Fryth transforms natural materials into a statement of elegance for your home.

Edison Bulb: Lighting the Way, Exposed and Beautiful

Step into a world where lighting goes back to its roots — the Fryth Luna Lamp features a naked Edison bulb.  Stripped of any pretense, it radiates a warm glow that turns your space into a haven.  The filament takes the spotlight, casting shadows that dance and create an ambiance that's nothing short of magical.

Dimmable Brilliance for Your Every Mood

Adapt the atmosphere to your whims with the Fryth Table Lamp's dimmable feature.  Need a cozy nook for a quiet night in?  Dim it down.  Working on a project that requires focus?  Dial up the brightness.  The integrated dimmer switch lets you curate the perfect lighting for every moment.

Let the Fryth Table Lamp redefine how you experience light and design.

Warmest wishes from The Team at Fryth