Fryth's Grand Re-opening

Fryth's Grand Re-opening


We've got some exciting news to share today – we've spruced up our website! 

In case you're not familiar with Fryth, allow me to introduce us.  We're not your typical homeware store.  We pride ourselves on craftsmanship and sustainability. These values are what make us special, and they're what draw folks who appreciate the beauty of handcrafted wooden homewares and have a passion for sustainable living.

Crafting Excellence from Timber

At Fryth, we love all things wood.  Our products come from two primary sources: offcuts from our sister company Shawstephens and responsibly sourced timber.  What does that mean for you?  Well, it means every wooden piece you pick up from Fryth has a unique story. 

Our Growing Range

Over time, our product range will cover all your needs, from salad bowls to versatile cutting boards and utensils.  We're all about adding a touch of timeless charm to your kitchen and dining spaces.


By using offcuts and responsibly sourced timber, we're cutting waste and supporting ethical production. 

An Online Shopping Upgrade

Our website has been upgraded.  We've made it easy to find your favourite wooden homewares with improved navigation and a simple design. 

So, as we step into this new chapter with our revamped website, we want to invite both our longtime supporters and new customers to check out what's new.  Fryth is all about growth, learning, and making a positive impact on our environment.  We believe our wooden creations can add style and sustainability to your life, one piece at a time.

A huge thank you for your incredible support.  Here's to a brighter and greener future where our wooden homewares bring a touch of nature into your home. 

Warm wishes from The Team at Fryth